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Steven Jay Cohen
Born and raised in Brooklyn, Steven escaped the confines of liberal New York City only to wind up in, even-more-liberal, western Massachusetts. Too far east to be the Berkshires, and too far west to be realistically commutable to Boston, Steven has found a fun-loving former mill-town/college-town where, like a character from the TV show Cheers, "everybody knows [his] name..."


Justin Wellman
413.570.3191 | |
Justin entered this world in a rural mid-west Ohio town. He spent the early years cultivating a vocal performance life, which led to a short stint of Vocal Performance and Opera Theater education at Bowling Green University. He later transitioned into Visual Communications Technology which has led him to a career dedicated to the open source community. A long-time member, supporter, and enthusiast of Drupal, Justin has joined efforts with Steven Jay Cohen to built integration between GWT and Drupal. A themer by nature, desire, choice and abilities, he leaves the heavy code lifting to Steven and focuses on making things "look pretty". Justin moved to Western Massachusetts in 2005. 


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